Frequent questions

1.- Where are they located?

Our store is online! This allows us to offer the best price, maximum discretion and fast and convenient home delivery .

In any case, if you like, you can go to see the products at the workplace, in Cochabamba-Bolivia , which is at Calle Ceibos y Molles 2198. Edificio Orion 2A , in the middle of the corner. If you come by bike, we will give you a discount! =)

2.-How is the purchase made?

Very easy! If you live in Cochabamba, the shipment can be made completely discreet by motorcycle and at the time of delivery the payment is made. If you live in another city, you would have to make the deposit to one of these Bank Accounts, Paypal or Tigo Money , and we would send you the same day or maximum the next day.

3.- How are the installment payments?

Available only for Cochabamba, we give you the option to buy the products in 2 and up to 3 installments, (the latter in case the total purchase is more than $150).

As? Simply leaving us a guarantee (for example: cell phone, computer, etc.), it's that simple. Without interest or complications! =)

4.- National shipments

All shipments regardless of the place have an additional cost of 13 Bs.

They are delivered to you that same day or it takes a couple of days, depending on the place.

5.- International Shipments

Now we already ship to other countries! Write us to quote the cost of the product to your country =)

6.- I don't know much about toys. Is there somewhere I can learn?

Of course! On the subject of sex toys we prepare a Practical Guide to help you learn about the subject and that you can choose the right product! And on the subject of sexual education we put content on our Facebook page: SacredSex SexoSagrado =)

7.- I would like to be part of Sacred Sex

Do you want to become an expert in sex education and generate income by selling sex toys?

8.- I would like to know about the project and the educational work they do

We do it mainly on Facebook! You can enter our page: SacredSex SexoSagrado

Do you have more questions? Write us at 70789246 we are here to help you =)