Special Appointment

We give you our best advice for the best date of your life with your partner or simply with yourself!

  • Music: A romantic and sensual playlist cannot be missing. Find the one that best suits them on Spotify, Deezer or Youtube.
  • Spirited drinks and delicious food: The budget is not the main thing, but opening yourself up to creativity. Prepare or buy something that is very special!
  • Games: You can easily find free apps that have sex poses, Kamasutra dice and more fun to open you up to new pleasures.
  • Decoration: Let your imagination fly and create a unique environment for this very special occasion. You can place Christmas lights, LED lights, rose petals, incense, candles, chocolates!...
  • If you have a bathtub, fill it with foam, rose petals and a good champagne.
  • You can also prepare a "Red Room" style 50 shades of Gray!. assume a role and get into character


If we are talking about a date as a couple, encourage yourself to do something very significant and unique, which is to write or capture in some way what that person means to you. For example, making a letter, or small notes of things you love about that person, placing them in balloons in the room... If you're not that into writing, you can also print photos of yourself and put them together on a panel or put them in a cup that at the same time put hot water in the image ( 70384329 ) or make a pillow with a photo of you ( 69907089 ).


Take your partner somewhere special and tell them the legend of the red thread as you walk.

legend of the red thread

Legend has it that an old man who lives on the Moon goes out every night and searches among the souls for those that are predestined to join on Earth and when he finds them he ties them with a red thread to the little finger so that they do not get lost.
This means that all kinds of important relationships would be predetermined, nothing is the result of chance ...
That thread accompanies you since you were born and will accompany you throughout your life, guiding your future and making you meet all those people you have to meet. And how will you know? According to the legend, you will simply know it because you will feel inner peace, you will not doubt and the joy that will invade you will have no comparison.
The legend is firm: if destiny has prepared that you meet a specific person, it will be so. Legend states that those who are linked by the red thread are destined to become soul mates, and will live an important story no matter how much time passes or the circumstances they find themselves in life. The red thread can get tangled, stretched, stretched or worn... but never break.

We hope these tips help you make this day beautiful and intense !

"I hope that in your life you will be able to Love many things, because true strength resides in Loving, and whoever Loves a lot, achieves a lot, and what is done with Love...is well done!"