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Bathmate X30 Réplica

Bathmate X30 Réplica

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The Bathmate X30 is a state-of-the-art hydraulic penis pump that works by creating a vacuum with water pressure, thus making the penis expand through the glass so that it improves and has its maximum erection!

We leave you a video so you know how to use it.

Note: Pump carefully because if you do it abruptly, you can injure blood vessels.

Difference between the Replicas and the Originals:

*The biggest difference is that the original comes with a 2-year factory warranty, then the finish is not as fine in the replicas, other than that they are practically the same.



1.- Use a strap when using (for greater comfort).

2.- Use a ring after getting an erection

*Once an erection is achieved, a silicone ring is installed at the base of the penis (to prevent blood from returning).

*After sexual intercourse, the ring is removed, which allows the blood to return (do not use the ring for more than 30 min.). Consult our catalog to see the available rings.

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