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Chinese balls

Chinese balls

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Train your muscles and experience amazing orgasms! 15 minutes a day is all you need to experience a unique sexuality, training your pelvic floor.

You will be able to enjoy 3 balls in each pack with different weights, so that you can use the one you need or want at all times, the pelvic floor training gradually strengthens the muscles to achieve more intense orgasms, activating orgasmic contractions, benefiting both you and your partner during sex.

The application is secure. Thanks to the recovery rings, they are super easy to remove and insert, it is as simple as putting on a tampon. Of course, we recommend that you always use a water-based lubricant to do so.

Exercise and enjoy a healthier life!

  • Waterproof.
  • Body-friendly silicone,
  • Ball 1: 61.9 gr x 3.8 cm diameter.
  • Ball 2: 82.1 gr x 3.8 cm diameter.
  • Ball 3: 97.7 gr x 3.8 cm diameter.

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