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Pure Chastity

Pure Chastity

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These chastity control devices are also known as male chastity belts or penis locks. It is a very popular toy within sadomasochism to guarantee male chastity. If you feel like playing with your partner and by mutual agreement you decide to put this type of game into practice, it can be a fantastic way to break the routine and take the pleasure of sex further.
It may sound crazy, but aren't the crazy things sometimes the most exciting?

In addition, the fact that an erection is not possible means that, once the cage is removed, it is much more intense and ready to have an explosive orgasm.

Just play, have fun, give it your all, bring out your wildest side, let yourself go and why not? Dominate, be dominated, tie up, let them tie you up and be submissive! In addition to being super exciting, the practice known as BDSM helps you loosen your inhibitions and discover and explore your sexuality in a very different way than you know.

  • Length: 7 cm.
  • Internal Diameter: 3.5 cm.
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  • The question is: who will keep the key?

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