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Dirty Dog

Dirty Dog

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' PUP PLAY ' is the trend within the BDSM culture that has taken off and in which men or women act like dogs while wearing masks, muzzles, collars, leashes and even tails to play a good role.

Ahhh and besides the hood, some of them also wear bondage gloves that the player uses as "legs". Those interested in this practice of submission and dominance sometimes growl, bark, wag their tails, play with balls or with their masters, but always pretending to be a faithful puppy.

Many of the members wear a collar and are locked up, which means they have an owner, handler or am@. For certain people, having a handler makes them feel protected, so they appreciate the structure in their submissive-dominant relationship.

Take your BDSM fantasies and role-playing to the max!

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