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We Vibe Chorus

We Vibe Chorus

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We-Vibe CHORUS is one of the latest vibrators for couples with connectivity via App. You can control it from anywhere in the world! This toy is perfect for distance games or risqué Skype sessions.

In addition, its design allows penetration by the partner while the woman's clitoris is stimulated. Incredible!

How does it work?

Since no two We-Vibe bodies are the same, it's built to fit all of them. The center is flexible and the tips are fully adjustable so that they can more precisely target the two erogenous zones, the clitoris and the G-spot, applying more or less pressure.

In addition, for greater comfort, it does not move from its place, even if you change positions a thousand times during sex. Thanks to its ergonomic clamp shape, with two adjustable axes, it fully adapts to the female intimate area and can be used both alone and during sexual intercourse with a partner, since its sophisticated design leaves enough space for penetration during intercourse. .

You can choose the style of vibration, the intensity that you like best and how long it should last, to drive you crazy with pleasure. Then the configuration is saved as one more pattern and ready to be used whenever you want!

  • Rechargeable battery with USB charger
  • High quality silicone material
  • Vibrator for couples.
  • It can be used alone or during sexual intercourse.
  • It adapts and adjusts perfectly to the intimate area, thanks to its two adjustable axes.
  • 2 powerful motors, 10 vibration modes
  • It is controlled by the simple control button, the remote control or the App (iOS/Android).
  • fully submersible
  • Watch video
  • See manual
  • How to buy?
  • Price: 1317 + 13 (Shipping) = 1330 bs
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