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zalo kiss

zalo kiss

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Enjoy a divine experience with Zalo Bess, a representation of the Goddess Bastet that will take you beyond the imaginable limits of divinity.

Zalo Bess fits comfortably in your hand and offers more precise stimulation thanks to innovative DirecPower technology. It concentrates on sensitive points with engine revs up to 10,000 to feel a perfect orgasm.

Powerful vibrations with an unmatched design, ultra-powerful stimulation for both the clitoris and the G-spot, magnetic charge, built-in lithium-ion battery, waterproof.

Zalo Bess comes with three accessories:

1. The slim G-spot accessory is designed to stimulate the clitoris.

2. The flower-shaped accessory that gives a tickling sensation to stimulate the clitoris or the nipples.

3. Ball-shaped accessory for clitoral stimulation in a straight line.

Experience powerful and divine sensations!

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