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Zalo Kyro

Zalo Kyro

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Symbolize the power and dignity of your sexuality with Zalo Kyros , while you enjoy that embracing torment that the deserts offer you, allow it to take you to the tip of the pyramids with its strong vibrations.

The Zalo Kyro massager offers us a design inspired by the scepter of the powerful Egyptian pharaohs. Conveying royalty and power both aesthetically and functionally, the Kyro features ZALO's innovative Direct Power 2.0 technology. Emitting strong vibrations that are concentrated in the head of the wand for powerful direct stimulation, Kyro is maneuverable and easy to control, with two multifunctional silicone attachments to expand your pleasure possibilities. With superlative power and innovative design, the Kyro redefines the wand massager category with superior quality.

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